• Is there Wifi? Yes, in the bar, lounge and dining areas.
  • When is the wildebeest migration?
    The migration usually arrives in July and August and returns in October. Availability of grass after the rains determines when the wildebeest arrive and depart.
  • How is the climate?
    Being just south of the Equator the days and nights are of equal length with darkness falling between 6.30-6.45pm. Daytime temperatures average 23°C/73°F, but early mornings and nights get as low as 10°C/50°F (which is why we put a hot water bottle in your bed). Rain usually occur for the month of November, but the heaviest long rains fall in April and May, during which time Entim Camp is closed.
  • How safe is it?
    Entim is not fenced, so you will be escorted by camp staff and professional guides by day. By night our Maasai watchmen are on patrol and will escort you to and from your tent. Guests should never wander out of camp alone.
  • Are children allowed at Entim?
    Families love Entim Camp, but we do not usually take children under 8 years old
  • Do you cater for special dietary needs?
    We will gladly cater for your dietary requirements if you let us know in advance.
  • What health precautions should I take?
    Check with your travel clinic to find out what inoculations and anti-malarial precautions are required before travelling to Kenya. Malaria is prevalent in many parts of Kenya, but not in the Masai Mara because mosquitoes don’t survive at our high elevation or cold night temperatures.
  • What should I wear?
    You are on safari, so why not look the part in khaki colours. Days can be hot and nights can be cold, so bring longs, shorts, a hat, jacket, sandals and walking shoes.
  • Are there snakes and bugs?
    You are highly unlikely to see a snake or get bitten by anything poisonous, but you’ve come here to experience wildlife and that might include a few bugs!
  • Do I tip the staff?
    Gratuities are at your discretion. We advise tipping your driver/guide at the end of your last game drive. For all other camp staff, we have a gratuity box in the lounge which is shared equally.
  • Can I ask a question that isn’t listed?
    Of course. Just email us at

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