The Satao foundation and Entim Camp project - the Molibany School has finally taken off. The project was launched and opened its doors to the excitement of the local children and the community at large. The school has additional four new classrooms and furnished with 200 desks and library of new books The funds for the new addition estimated at USD.70,000 was donated by the Satao foundation and Entim Camp. Over the years "Guests of Entim” through pack for a purpose have generously donated books and equipment estimated at $40,000 We at Entim in collaboration with our guests are excited to give back to the local community and invite you to "give back to the world when you travel!"

molibany school

molibany school opens


After coming to Entim Camp in 2014, Peter Balunek had an unexpected life changing experience. On safari especifically to see Mara’s big cats, he was surprised at how fond he became of photographing elephants. Shortly after returning home, he learned of the death of one of Kenya’s iconic tuskers named Satao. Peter was overcome with emotion and realized he wanted to spread education about the plight of Africa’s wildlife. He founded Peter’s Wildlife Safaris with the mission of bringing guests to learn first-hand of the challenges facing Africa’s wildlife from poaching, loss of habitat and human/animal conflict. Peter and his groups are frequent guests at Entim Camp.

During his most recent trip in February 2018, Peter’s guests were 10 doctors and volunteers from MedWish International who brought 15 suitcases of medical supplies and prescription medication for a community medical brigade. During their week-long experience, they cared for more than 450 patients at the Talek Medical Clinic, Entim Camp and Ilkeliani Camp. They also made time to allow the Entim guides to show them all the wild animals the Mara has to offer. The trip was a great success for the community and the guests and plans are in the works for another medical trip in 2019.

Visiting the local schools, villages and clinics is an important part of Peter’s safari trips. It’s an opportunity for his guests to meet local people and to experience more than just wildlife. In 2015, Peter established the Satao Wildlife Foundation with the mission of improving the lives of wildlife by improving the lives of people through community conservation projects. The foundation’s view is that the wildlife is one of the community’s greatest asset and the community should benefit from the wildlife and tourism in their area.

Over the course of several visits to the Molibany Primary School in Talek, Peter began to take notice of the growing student population and the lack of resources. This led to the foundation’s first major project; construction of four office buildings and four classrooms equipped with 200 desks and textbooks for all students. Through the foundation, Peter raised the $60,000 project cost from his safari guests, family, friends and generous strangers. The Africa Eco Tours team managed the project on behalf of Peter and the foundation.

“I couldn’t have accomplished these goals without the help of Entim Camp and Africa Eco Group” said Peter, “the staff and management are true partners with Peter’s Wildlife Safaris and the Satao Wildlife Foundation. They provided me with updates and photos that I could share with our donors. We are very pleased with this successful project! I’m looking forward to working with them on future community projects.”

The use of plastic bottled water was a concern for Entim Camp due to large amounts of plastic waste and carbon emissions associated with the production of bottles and their delivery to the Mara. We have proudly rolled out our initiative to reduce plastic bottle waste and our guests are provided on check-in with reusable stainless steel bottles We have also introduced glass water bottles to prevent use of non-biodegradable plastic bottles in camp.

Margot Raggett has been working with Entim since 2013 when she became a regular Photographer in Residence at camp. When in 2015 she decided to produce her first fund raising book ‘Remembering Elephants’ we were only too pleased to support her. We have now supported all three books in her Remembering Wildlife series by donating stays at Entim for the Kickstarter campaigns, which have funded each of Margot’s books. In the early days we supported Margot’s fundraising efforts for Molibany Primary School in Talek, a relationship Entim Camp continues to this day.

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