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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is it? 
    Your safety is of paramount importance to us. By day you will be escorted and guided by our professional guides and staff. At night our Maasai watchmen escort you to and from your tents and patrol the area. Accidents involving wildlife are rare but guests should never wander out of the camp alone. 

  • When is a good time to see the migration? 
    The migration generally begins to arrive in Kenya from the beginning of July. From July through to October the park is filled with wildebeest and other grazers, who usually begin to move back to Tanzania in October.  

  • When is the best time to visit the Mara? 
    The Mara offers a unique experience throughout the year. A wide variety of resident wildlife can be enjoyed in their natural habitat at all times. However the most exceptional time to visit is during the peak season when the Great Migration is in the Mara, generally from July to October. The Mara is the wettest part of the greater Mara ecosystem, but rainstorms are generally short and sharp: days of incessant rain are rare. There are two rainy seasons: the short rains in November, and the long rains in April and May, although in recent years the weather patterns have been less predictable. But even when it is wet the Mara has the added attraction of having an even wilder feel, offering the discerning guest a different kind of adventure. Another good season is from February to April when predators and scavengers compete for prey, offering visitors thrilling moments when hunting lions, for example, come up against hungry hyenas.  

  • What is your policy with drinks? 
    All soft drinks, water, beers, house wines and non luxury spirits are included in the room rates. Champagne, special wines and luxury spirits are at an additional cost.  

  • Are park fees included? 
    Park fees are not included.  

  • Are children allowed at the camp? 
    Children over 8 are allowed at the camp – we are located in an area frequented by wild animals, making it less suitable for small children. We can however, under special circumstances, make exceptions.  

  • Do you accommodate special dietary requirements? 
    Please let us know about your dietary requirements in advance and we will cater for your particular preferences.

  • How is Entim eco-friendly? 
    Entim was built using local materials and labour. We pledged to minimise our impact on the environment and thus electricity and hot water are provided using solar panels, while our rubbish is disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Glass and waste paper are brought back to Nairobi for recycling. Accommodation is in luxury tents, thoughtfully placed, and there are no permanent structures.  

  • Do I need to take any health precautions? 
    Malaria can be avoided by using repellents and staying well covered when around mosquitoes. However some doctors recommend malaria prophylactics, as well as certain inoculations before travelling in Kenya. It is always advisable to also consult your own doctor for your best personal advice.  

  • Are there any snakes or bugs? 
    You are in the wild, which is naturally home to a wealth of animal, reptile and insect life! Snakes and stinging insects are unlikely to feature in your safari, but if they do you will most likely find that you will incorporate them as part of your African experience. Snakes are more scared of you than you are of them and tend to stay out of your way.  

  • How do I tip the staff? 
    Gratuities are at your discretion. We advise you to tip your driver/guide at the end of your last game drive. For all other camp staff, excluding the drivers/guides, we have a gratuity box located in the lounge which is then shared equally.  

  • What should I wear? 
    The Mara tends is generally hot during the day, although seldom uncomfortably so. However the temperature drops in the evening and nights can be chilly by Kenyan standards. You should bring comfortable, practical clothes for the day, and many guests on safari favour cotton slacks and shirts in natural colours to blend in with the bush. You will need trousers and a sweater or jacket for early mornings and evenings and suitably protective footwear, especially at night.  

  • How can I book Entim? 
    Contact our reservation offices directly (contacts listed on our contacts page) or through your travel agent.  

  • Can I ask you a question that isn’t listed? 
    Yes you can! Just mail us at info[at]entim-mara.com we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 


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